We would like to assure our guests that The Clark House Inn is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and following all recommended guidelines put forth by those in authority. We are staying informed on legislation in our city, state and beyond as it pertains to the coronavirus.

The Clark House Inn has and will remain open during this time while adhering to a strict Health and Safety Protocol detailed below.

The health and safety of our guests remains our top priority.


  • No guests or staff will be allowed on site who have any symptoms of fever or who have recently traveled overseas.
  • In addition to our already impeccable cleanliness standards, we have added a regime of regularly cleaning and sanitizing all common door handles and surfaces throughout the day.
  • Ample hand washing and anti-bacterial facilities are provided for our guests.
  • Use of the kitchen and common spaces will be limited during times when there are 2 or more separate guests/groups staying at the house.
  • In the kitchen, all snacks, breakfast items, drinks, etc. will be individual wrapped – no shared containers will be used during this time.
  • Please note, breakfast and snack options may be limited due to these precautions.
  • Total number of guests accepted/rooms rented will be limited to keep the recommended number of guest capacity at a minimum.
  • During this time, The Clark House will be adhering to a strictly self-check in procedure. The Innkeeper will not personally interact with guests upon arrival or during their stay. She is available by phone at all times.

In addition to this health and safety protocol, guests can rest assured that any reservation affected by COVID-19 can be cancelled and/or rescheduled without any penalties.