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Tiki Thursdays are here for the month of March! Every Thursday, rain or shine, #teamnewroxy opens the doors and invites y'all to come hang out. There is NO COVER, but there will be some entertainment! We have all the ingredients for open mic: mics, stands, direct inputs, and a wealth of talent around Clarksdale. Are you not a musician but you have an urge to hit the stage? KARAOKE is waiting for you! A very informal version sprung up last week, and we had a blast. Tears were flowing as songs were belted out. Who knew the stage at the New Roxy could take such heat? A bit of GNR, some Billy Joel, Loretta Lynn...what's your karaoke go-to? Come on Clarksdale, loosen up and get on stage! We like variety in this town, and the New Roxy is the place to find it. Our space is inclusive and diverse, featuring all types of entertainment and community events, and yes, that includes karaoke every once in awhile. Are you not musically inclined in the least but still you yearn for the stage? Perhaps you're a STORYTELLER! When we say open mic, we really mean open, and we encourage you to share your voice in whatever form it comes in. Community events are only communal if you're participating. Alright, there is definitely room for the quiet spectator if that's who you are - but come on down to the New Roxy on Thursdays in the month of March for Tiki Thursdays! The beer is cold, the atmosphere is warm, and the company is charming.

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